2014 Race Results

2014 Race Results

Congratulations to everyone who turned out for the 2014 Blaydon Race! The results for the event were chip timed so results are available within hours of finishing. If we have your number you should have received a text message with your finishing time but don’t worry if you didn’t get it, you can view full results on the following link:


We hope you enjoyed your Blaydon experience and we’ll look forward to seeing you next year.

17 thoughts on “2014 Race Results
  1. David Hodgson says:

    Hi, fantastic event as usual, last night. One question – was there a problem with the chip timings? My text time said 52 min 57 secs and the web site said the chip timing was 49 mins 09 secs. However, my wife finished just ahead of me in 45 mins 31 sec and according to both my stop watch and my app, I finished in 46 mins and 36 secs. A bit of an error as far as I can see. I’d just like to know if you had a technical issue do that I can ignore the official time.

    • Kath richards says:

      Hi, we had a similar problem. On checking the results site it appears some of our party were sent texts showing their race time and some were sent texts showing their chip time (the latter corresponding to their Garmin or Nike+ times). Rather confusing!

  2. Paul Wallace says:

    A few grumbles in the bus queue about the difference between the texted time and those logged by stopwatches and smartphone apps. Looking at the website today , it seems the texted time was the gun time. The website shows a chip time which is close enough to my stopwatch time for me to be happy it’s accurate.

    Regardless of that it was a fantastic event which I’ve been raving about to anyone who even makes eye contact with me today, which has made for a quiet office as people are now avoiding me. Goodybag was excellent, just what thay all should be. The added bonus of a t-shirt you can actually use for running in!

  3. Simon Daniels says:

    Chip time hopelessly inaccurate….much as I would love to have run it in 33:19….that’s 3:30 faster than the true time. Something went pretty badly wrong with the timing.

  4. Martin Phillips says:

    Great event, as always. Chip timing spot on!

  5. John Laws says:

    Chip timming spot on with my watch. Thanks for a good race. Only gripe water in plastic cups just can’t drink out of whilst running Thanks

  6. admin says:

    Thank you for all the comments, if you feel you have an individual issue with your race time please contact Mark Likeman at Results Base on the following email address: mark.likeman@resultsbase.net

  7. ian jackson says:

    Hi, excellent run. My chip time was 1 second different to my watch time so no problem here!

    Have you any idea when the team and category results will be going up? specifically the “me and wor lass” category

  8. Joanne Mcnally says:

    My chip time was close enough to my running app time – pleased with that! Was my first 10 k (ish) run and absolutely loved it. Loving and proud to wear my t-shirt!

  9. John says:

    Great event. 1 query I do have though is that I did not get a t-shirt at the finish. Is there anywhere I can collect one from?

  10. Steve Diboll says:

    As a geordie I wanted to tick this one off my bucket list but it turned out to be so much more than that. Great course and such an enjoyable atmosphere. Loved all of the music and singing. Did the whole thing with a huge smile on my face. Great beer and Peas pudding/ham sandwich at the end. Hope I can get a place next year. Chip timing spot on.

  11. Joanna Beckett says:

    Just wondering when the me and wor lass and group results will be up?

  12. John Watson says:

    I was given 4th position on gun time, but chip time I was second in 55-59category…do I get 2nd position in awards as it seems unfair that I cross3d the start line 35 seconds after 5he gun

  13. Sara Sarginson says:

    Official race positions are given on gun time, just like they always have been, and still are in non chip timed races. Them’s EA rules, not the race organiser’s :)

  14. Martin Phillips says:

    Where can I find a full set of “me an wor las” results?

  15. Website Admin says:

    The top 4 results for ‘Me & Wor Lass’ have been posted here: http://www.blaydon-race.com/2014-team-results/
    Unfortunately we are unable to post full results for this category.

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