2014 Team Results

2014 Team Results

The 2014 team results (updated 20th June 2014) are now available:


Lads Team Prizes

1st  Morpeth H & AC

N. Swinburn 3rd P. Newton 5th C. Avry 12th and A. Lawrence 13th   Total 33

2nd Jarrow & Hebburn AC

A. Burn 9th B. McMillan 25th S. Greenwood 39th and I. Ritchie 61st   Total 134

3rd Tynebridge  Harriers

J. Morley 26th S. Brown 32nd P. Turnbull 45th and C. Graham 47th    Total 150

Lasses Team Prizes

1st Tynebridge Harriers

A. Dargie 7th S. Marr 13th J. Lee 14th and L. Rodgers 18th   Total 52

2nd North Shields Poly

S. Dan McLean 6th C. McManus 9th C. Burns 24 and A. Dixon 26    Total 65

3rd Wallsend H & AC

D. Hodgkinson 4th L. Wallace 28th L. Murphy 54th and E. Lui 60th   Total  146

4th Crook AC

J. Beckett 22nd C. Teasdale 37th J. Raine 47th and H. Pratt 83rd  Total 189


1st Team Tynebridge Harriers

S. Cairns 24th T. Scott 33rd D. Munnelly 46th and A. Hodgson 68th  Total 171

Me and Wor Lass

1st J. & S. Beckett combined time 01:09:52

2nd C. & R. Teasdale combined time 01:11:50

3rd E. & A. Holt combined time 01:12:11

4th E. & P. Mcknespiey combined time 01:12:44