2015 Team Prizes

2015 Team Prizes

Blaydon Team Prizes 2015


Lads Team Prizes

1st Team – Morpeth Harriers A: J Taylor (1) N Swinburn (4) P Newton (7) L Timmins (8) Total 20

2nd Team – Morpeth Harriers B: I Harding (10) R Floyd (11) K Calvert (12) T Straughan (15) Total 48

3rd Team – Morpeth Harriers C: S Hancox (20) A Lawrence (21) C Smith (23) E Kelly (30) Total 94

Lasses Team Prizes
1st Team-Tyne Bridge Harriers: M Grinsdale (12) J Etherington (25) I Knox (28) J Logue (37) Total 102

2nd Team – Gateshead H&AC: M Nolan (7) M Ferrier (15) R Bennett (35) L Atkinson (49) Total 106

3rd Team – Elswick Harriers: J Heslop (3) G Howorth (17) S Davies (50) C Lee (55) Total 125

Gadgies Team
1st Team-Tyne Bridge Harriers: T Scott (3) S Cairns (6) D Wright (8) M Tomlinson (11) Total 28

Dames Team
1st Team-North Shields Poly: S Dan Maclean (1) C Mcmanus (3) L Hayes (7) S Thew (10) Total 21


Me & Wor Lass
1st Team- B and S Burrell Total gun time 1:08:16

2nd Team – R and C Teasdale Total gun time 1:10:37

3rd Team – A and S Graham Total gun time 1:12:55

4 thoughts on “2015 Team Prizes
  1. Elswick says:

    disappointing that vets cannot count towards lasses or lads teams, agree that any runner should only win one prize. but if you are older and faster than younger club members should you miss out on counting for a prize winning team

  2. Concerned observer says:

    It looks to me like North Shields Poly ladies were the outstanding team of the day yet they’re not eligible to win First Ladies team ? And therefore I believe receive a lesser prize? That seems unfair- they were undoubtably the First Ladies team on the day- surely the fact they are all slightly older should be acknowledged, not penalised. Rules are rules I suppose…….

  3. Kim matthews says:

    People should not be penalised for being older but faster than their younger club members. This needs sorting!

  4. Alex says:

    Blaydon Races (with lyrics) – YouTube

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