Update 06/02/15

Update 06/02/15

Please see the link below with the latest update from the bank. Entry remains suspended, we will not reopen entry without sufficient notice.


4 thoughts on “Update 06/02/15
  1. Trish palmer says:

    I love this race and its history , but can never get a place for years!!! Can’t you increase the field number??

  2. Peter says:

    They should stop giving preferential treatment to club runners and give everyone equal chance to enter. It’s discrimination against us fat people who can’t be bothered to join a running club.

    • Lynn Craig says:

      As a running club ourselves we choose to support other running clubs and therefore offer a limited number of places exclusively to affiliated runners. We are not discriminating but simply supporting our fellow clubs, without whom there would be significantly less races to enter. We are after all a serious road race ran under UK Athletics rules.

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