2017 Entry Link for club runners 7PM 15/02/17


2017 Race Entry

This year entries will again be ONLINE ONLY via link below or the Results Base Website directly http://resultsbase.net/event/3756   Entries for 2017 are again limited to one per person. There will be NO option to add an additional runner from your Results Base profile. If you would like to enter additional runners you must open a separate browser […]

Prize Winners & Team Results 2016

First Lad Open Race: THE NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE CUP Peter Newton Second Lad Open Race Ryan Mcleod Third Lad Open Race Ian Hudspith First Lass : THE DUTTON FORESHAW CHAINBRIDGE LADIES TROPHY Alyson Dixon Second Lass Open Race Rosie Smith Third Lass Open Race Justina Heslop First Gadgie (over 40) : THE BLAYDON BELL VETERANS […]

  Entry for 2016 is now sold out.  The reserve list is also now closed.  

Entry link for 2016

This year entries will again be ONLINE ONLY via the following link or by going directly to the Results Base website. Open to runners affiliated to UK Athletics only 7PM 3rd Feb (general entry opens 7PM 4th Feb). https://resultsbase.net/ViewEvent.aspx?Id=3268

Entry for 2016

This year entries will again be ONLINE ONLY via https://resultsbase.net/home.aspx PLEASE NOTE ENTRIES FOR 2016 WILL OPEN IN THE EVENING NOT THE MORNING AS IN PREVIOUS YEARS. This is to ensure maximum support is provided following the banking and payment gateway issue from 2015. Further details below. Entries for 2016 are also limited to one per person. There […]

2015 Team Prizes

Blaydon Team Prizes 2015   Lads Team Prizes 1st Team – Morpeth Harriers A: J Taylor (1) N Swinburn (4) P Newton (7) L Timmins (8) Total 20 2nd Team – Morpeth Harriers B: I Harding (10) R Floyd (11) K Calvert (12) T Straughan (15) Total 48 3rd Team – Morpeth Harriers C: S […]

Race Pack Collection 2015

Race Pack Collection Info:   2015 race packs will be available for collection from: Speedflex Newcastle, Fleming Business Centre, Burdon Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3AE. Please check your emails (not forgetting the spam folder) for information on your specific collection window. If you have not been contacted with a collection date or if […]

Reserve list now closed

Places for the 2015 race are sold out and the reserve list is also now closed.