2015 Team Prizes

Blaydon Team Prizes 2015   Lads Team Prizes 1st Team – Morpeth Harriers A: J Taylor (1) N Swinburn (4) P Newton (7) L Timmins (8) Total 20 2nd Team – Morpeth Harriers B: I Harding (10) R Floyd (11) K Calvert (12) T Straughan (15) Total 48 3rd Team – Morpeth Harriers C: S […]

Race Pack Collection 2015

Race Pack Collection Info:   2015 race packs will be available for collection from: Speedflex Newcastle, Fleming Business Centre, Burdon Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3AE. Please check your emails (not forgetting the spam folder) for information on your specific collection window. If you have not been contacted with a collection date or if […]

Reserve list now closed

Places for the 2015 race are sold out and the reserve list is also now closed.

2015 Entry

Places for 2015 race are now sold out. If you would like to be added to the reserve list please use the contact form to email us. Please enter the subject as reserve list and ensure your name, email address and telephone number are entered correctly. Comments below will not count as a request to […]

Entries to reopen 14/02/15

Entry update 11/02/15 We believe that almost all issues from lasts Tuesday’s entry process are now resolved and we thank Results Base for their hard work pushing the bank at fault to release the pending payments. We thank everyone concerned for their patience. Please see our previous posts for more details. The remaining entries for […]

Update 09/06/2015

Please see link below for latest update from Results Base. Entry remains suspended. As soon as we have a date to go live again we will update this website with details. We will not reopen entry without sufficient warning.   www.resultsbase.net/ContentPage.aspx?Id=34

Update 06/02/15

Please see the link below with the latest update from the bank. Entry remains suspended, we will not reopen entry without sufficient notice. http://www.resultsbase.net/ContentPage.aspx?Id=34


Please see the link below from results base to view the most recent correspondence from the bank r.e payment issues/bank charges.   https://resultsbase.net/ContentPage.aspx?Id=34

IMPORTANT Entry Update 04/03/15

Please refer to the Results Base Statement from yesterday’s post. The issue was not the fault of The Blaydon Race or Results Base and has arisen between the payment gateway provider, Epay, Nordea Bank and the 3D Secure card validation service. Neither The Blaydon Race or Results Base hold the additional funds or have the power to […]

Entry update 03/02/15

As a small athletics club with a handful of voluntary organisers we understand everyone’s frustrations at today’s entry ‘fiasco’. We could not be more devastated at the stress and inconvenience that this has caused. We have spent all day in discussions trying to resolve the situation whilst answering as many queries as physically possible. At […]