IMPORTANT Entry Update 04/03/15

IMPORTANT Entry Update 04/03/15

Please refer to the Results Base Statement from yesterday’s post. The issue was not the fault of The Blaydon Race or Results Base and has arisen between the payment gateway provider, Epay, Nordea Bank and the 3D Secure card validation service. Neither The Blaydon Race or Results Base hold the additional funds or have the power to release them. They are currently between the bank and payment gateway service.

Results Base have had staff at the bank HQ in Denmark since yesterday trying to resolve the issue of pending payments. They are working with the bank to try and get the pending payments released immediately. There is no doubt these payments will be returned but nobody is more frustrated than ourselves and Results Base at the lack of progress in doing this. We understand the stress and worry this has caused and we could not be more devestated that this has occurred. Secure card services/payment gateways are usually in place to protect the customer but in this instance have let everybody down. Results Base could not be working harder to get the Bank/payment gateway to release pending payments.

We have been assured everybody who has multiple pending payments should have received an email (on the email address provided during registration) from Results Base. Please check your spam folder. If not please email info@resultsbase.net

Anyone who has refreshed the page at the payment stage or has entered card details more than once could be affected. Please check your email and as above email info@resultsbase.net with queries relating to this.

Entries remain closed at present, the number available continues to decrease, as those who were in the process of registering when entries were suspended yesterday are now completing the payment process. If you were entering at the time of suspension please log into your Results Base account and check the status of your order. You may still need to pay for your place. We ask you to please complete this by 5PM Wednesday 11/02/15 if you still wish to have a place in the race. All people in this position have been emailed by Results Base, please check your spam and please log in to your Results Base account to make sure.

We will only reopen entry when all payment issues are resolved/all pending payments are released by the bank. We will not reopen entry without sufficient prior warning.

We are trying to answer as many queries as possible but as volunteers it is difficult to cope with the volume at present. If you are unsure if you secured a place yesterday please follow the instructions above and email info@resultabase.net if necessary. Please also do this for payment queries.

Finally the Facebook page was closed due to abusive comments made to voluntary organisers, some of whom have also had to shut down their personal pages. We appreciate and share everyone’s frustrations but please understand we and Results Base are doing everything possible to resolve the situation which ultimately is in the hands of the bank.

We will update everybody as soon as we know anymore.





7 thoughts on “IMPORTANT Entry Update 04/03/15
  1. Bob smith says:

    A bank in Denmark ? Oh dear

  2. Matt Jenkins says:

    Payment gateways are global businesses and therefore process transactiions in numerous currencies., so hardly suprising the bank behind it are not UK based.
    Our dear old RBS’ system WorldPay has belly flopped a coupe of times on the last few years, so using a UK based bank is no guarantee.

  3. John Laidler says:

    Would it be bad to suggest using cheques again.

  4. Roger says:

    It’s good to see this statement, so thanks for that. It would be a shame to miss out on the run this year but the Blaydon team have my sympathy. As volunteers they do a great job year on year and it’s been a real pleasure to run the race for the past five years. Whilst it must a huge frustration to those who have had funds taken in error it is quite wrong to take this out on the Blaydon team. The fault lies with the Danish bank so that’s where you should be addressing yr complaints. Also, why do people have to be so rude? Good manners cost nothing and will get you a lot further than shouting. Keep your heads, stay calm and reasonable and the Blaydon team will run the race again next year. If people rant like they have then I wouldn’t blame the team for pulling out. Keep going, Blaydon!

  5. Sophie says:

    I am still over £400 down due to this error and very worried about this situation not getting solved!! I have recieved no email or update today about this so have no idea what’s happening unless I look on the website. I understand this is not blaydon races’ fault or results base but I’m sure you can understand this is also not my fault yet I’m £400 down! I would just like to be kept updated as to what is happening. Like I say I have had no email today to let me know about where things stand.

  6. rob masson says:

    Great to see someone is keeping us updated as resultsbase have all but dissappear except for the odd generic email sent to everybody, no replies to questions. Stinking situation but hats of to your volunteers doing a good job

  7. Colin Edwards says:

    I am really disappointed with how the race entry went I was 65th in the queue when things went wrong I hope I still have a chance of entering

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