Please see the link below from results base to view the most recent correspondence from the bank r.e payment issues/bank charges.



8 thoughts on “IMPORTANT UPDATE 5:30PM 05/02/15
  1. Mark McNally says:

    Hi- I am one of the many caught up in the crash of the website as I was trying to enter this years race. I am due to be away for a few days and my access to the wifi will b elicited and I am concerned I may miss out. I won the 0/65 category last year and the year before and am keen to defend my title so to speak. I hope I can register my attempt to enter and will continue to try to do so. But in event I miss out because of technical difficulties can I ask that consideration be given to my application even if I miss the deadline.
    Thanks- Mark McNally email mcnallymxk@aol.com

  2. Peter Donaghy says:

    I’m hoping to get a place as an affiliated runner (NSP) when will entries be accepted again?

  3. Lynn Craig says:

    We don’t know ourselves when entry will reopen, the only way to let people know is by checking the website. As we have said many times the entry won’t go live without significant prior notice. If you have a more ‘acceptable’ way for us to communicate this Brian then please feel free to suggest.

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