Prize Winners & Team Results 2016

Prize Winners & Team Results 2016

First Lad Open Race: THE NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE CUP Peter Newton
Second Lad Open Race Ryan Mcleod
Third Lad Open Race Ian Hudspith
Second Lass Open Race Rosie Smith
Third Lass Open Race Justina Heslop
First Gadgie (over 40) : THE BLAYDON BELL VETERANS TROPHY Ian Hudspith
The Geordie Race First Man: Peter Netwon
The Geordie Race Second Man: Ian Hudspith
The Geordie Race Third Man: Tedele Mulugete
The Geordie Race First Women Alyson Dixon
The Geordie Race Second Women Rosie Smith
The Geordie Race Third Women Justina Heslop
First three Gadgies in the age group 40-49 Ian Hudspith
John Butters
Terry Scott
First three Gadgies in the age group 50-59 Guy Bracken
Philip Teece
Rob Hancox
First three Gadgies in the age group 60+ Steve Shaughnessy
Harry Matthews
TBC due to reported number swap
First three Dames in the age group 35-44 Alyson Dixon
Justina Heslop
Alison Dargie
First three Dames in the age group 45-54 Sue Phillips
Katherine Davis
Bernie Gibson
First three Dames in the age group 55+ Maggie Loraine
Alison Cummings
Hilary Ross
First Young Lad (under 19) : THE GEORDIE RIDLEY CUP Luke Duffy
Second Young Lad Jack Armstrong
Third Young Lad Matthew Bowman
First Young Lass (under 19) : THE EDITH VARLEY MEMORIAL TROPHY Jacqueline Penn
Second Young Lass Jade Hutchinson
Third Young Lass Francesca Best
First Male Resident of Blaydon and District : THE COFFEE JOHNNY TROPHY Hedley Fletcher
First Female Resident of Blaydon and District: THE IRENE DEWAR TROPHY Angela Mcguirk
First three non affiliated lads Andrew Alderson
Callum Hitchison
Alastair Johnson
First three non affiliated lasses Laura Wilson
Wendy Chapman
Sarah Lane
First Blaydon Harrier lad and lass, not otherwise a prizewinner Matthew Alderson
Gillian Pearson
First Lads Team : THE CALLERS BLAYDON TEAM TROPHY Morpeth Harriers A: P Newton (1), T Straughan (6), S Hancox (7), R Floyd (9)
Second Lads Team Morpeth Harriers B: I Harding (10), C Smith (11), A Lawrence (16), M Snowball (41)
Third Lads Team Tyne Bridge Harriers: M Fenwick (5), D Johnson (28), J Moss (30), I Pickett (33)
To the First Lasses Team : THE CUSHIE BUTTERFIELD LASSES TEAM TANKARD Tyne Bridge Harriers: M Grinsdale (9), L Turzynski (16), R Adamson (19), M Moat (24)
Second Lasses Team Gateshead Harreir & AC: M Ferrier (6), L Atkinson (23), G Manford (39), V Cutter (41)
Third Lasses Team Heaton Harrier & AC: R Barnes (13), N Roper (29), H Shillitoe (45) A Janes (49)
First Gadgies Team : THE McCUTCHEON VETERANS TEAM Morpeth Harriers: I Hudspith (1), J Butters (2), F Bates (4), M Thomsen (12)
First Dames Team : THE GEORGE SKIDMORE MEMORIAL TROPHY North Shields Poly: S Maclean Dann (6), Katherine Davis (12), S Ingham (15), M Thompson (19)
For further individual results please visit: https://www.resultsbase.net/event/3268/results
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