For 2015 entries will again be ONLINE ONLY.

For 2015 entries will again be ONLINE ONLY.

This year entries will again be ONLINE ONLY.

Race entry fee will be £22.00. Members of running clubs affiliated to UK Athletics will benefit from a discount of £2.00 as per UKA rules (you will be asked to state your club name and UKA affiliation number during the entry process and checks will be made with the relevant clubs to ensure you are affiliated as declared).

The race has a limited number of entries, once this limit have been reached we cannot accept any more and the online system will close. The limit, set in consultation with police and the local authorities, applies to the number of entries, not the number of runners. We are not permitted to allocate extra places when people drop out before the race. In 2014, the 4200 limit was reached in a matter of hours.

A limited number of entries will be available from 6AM on 2nd February for runners affiliated to England Athletics only (club runners only). Entries will remain open until midnight or until the limit is reached (affiliation status will be checked with the relevant clubs, those who incorrectly declare that they are affiliated will be removed from the race). Entries will re-open at 6AM on 3rd February to all runners and will be closed once the limit has been reached. We anticipate that online entries will be fully taken by the end of the general opening day – 3rd February 2014 (entries were closed by 10AM on general opening day 2014).

Runners will have the option to receive an SMS text message with their race time immediately after crossing the finish line (if this is requested at the point of entry). These services will be provided by Results Base.

Finally, we emphasise that the Blaydon Race is a serious road race run under UK Athletics rules and not a sponsored walk: we will not accept entries from people who intend to walk.

You can enter via this link only once the entries have opened:


7 thoughts on “For 2015 entries will again be ONLINE ONLY.
  1. Barry Cornelius says:

    Please, will you again be using https://www.resultsbase.net for the online entry system? If so, it will be useful fot newcomers to create a profile at https://www.resultsbase.net/LoginPage.aspx before the day of entering the race.

  2. Alan Elders says:

    Any chance of a club entry say for 40 or 50? Lowfell running club

    • Lynn Craig says:

      Sorry we no longer offer club group entries however, last year there were sufficient places available for all club runners on the initial opening day.

  3. John Watson says:

    Should use the chip time for category positions.i was second fastes o55 and was placed 4th..after all, we cant all start near the front and get a good start

  4. Cindy says:

    Will you be updating the gallery to show 2014 photos? Regards

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